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Cos'è la tessera Mosaic?


Mosaic tile is the material of laid metope of toilet, ground. It has been in use since the early 1980s. Today, comeback of Mosaic ceramic tile, become the favorite that decorates material afresh with much appearance colorful configuration, get the favour of family of avant-garde, vogue fully.

Mosaics are one of the oldest known decorative arts and are patterns created using small tiles or ceramic tiles. In modern times, Mosaic is more of a kind of ceramic tile, it is a special way of existence of the brick, generally composed of dozens of small bricks a relatively large brick. It is widely used at indoor ground of small area, metope and outdoor metope and ground greatly with the characteristic of gorgeous of small and exquisite, colour. Mosaic because of its small size, some puzzles can be made to produce a gradual change effect.

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    Foshan Panda Mosaic Factory è un produttore professionale , Specializzato nella produzione di tutti i tipi di mosaico dal 2007 , Espcially per piastrelle murali fatte a mano / Progetti piscina / Mosaico . Situato a Foshan City Guangdong , Cina .
    Con il nostro team di progettazione professionale , siamo in grado di catturare le esigenze del mercato e del cliente esattamente . La personalizzazione è accettabile .

    Accogliamo sinceramente i clienti di tutto il mondo a venire a stabilire un rapporto d'affari reciproco win-win a lungo termine .

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