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O que devemos notar sobre a decoração Mosaic?


1. Mosaic wall of setting of raw materials are usually made of metal, glass, shells and other natural materials, the raw material without any harmful substances, in the process of machining and original manufacture, it is no less than archaize brick more radiation, compared with the polished tile and other smooth surface brick less light pollution, to say the Mosaic background wall due to the difference of the raw materials and more environmental protection more security person can rest assured. In this era that everybody stresses environmental protection, Mosaic building materials brought beautiful environmental protection healthy idea undoubtedly to people.

2. Mosaic tiles size is small, he is mainly using the richness of the color piece together a beautiful design, raw materials by previous small stone Mosaic now gradually evolved into a variety of materials such as glass, metal, shell material, because of its rich material, color, great variety, can be put into all sorts of design and pattern, can be used in small space, also can decorate in capacious sitting room, the integrated use of splendor is adornment effect, visual impact is strong, good decorative effect, bring new feelings to household decorates.

3. Because the Mosaic size is relatively small, it pays more attention to the design when installing, so it needs to be laid according to the drawings in advance when laying, a little mistake will cause the pattern confusion, all previous efforts are wasted, so the decoration of Mosaic materials is time-consuming and laborious, and the shop price is relatively high.

4. Mosaic materials used are all natural materials, so he is waterproof, wear-resisting performance, these are all can’t be matched by other wall or the ground adornment material, is polished ceramic tile, after a long time is easy to change color, after a few years later will need to be updated, Mosaic materials would not have occurred due to time relationship quality, in addition, because Mosaic material size is small, there will be a lot of gaps in the process of decorating, it can cause its unique compressive ability strong, will not be damaged by the outside world changes in temperature, so the family is decorated in Mosaic materials are building materials with longer service life, is very popular with people.

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