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What’s the standard size of the kt board?


Domestic production of kt board general size: 900x2400x5mm and 1200x2400x5mm, this specification is usually used for advertising display board;
Kt board width size 900-1200mm from the origin. Is also based on ps sheet foam specifications to determine the standard, ps sheet material generally foaming out for 915mm and 1235mm, so the actual kt board production can only be 1220mm wide, many people are looking for 1300 and 1500 width.
At present, domestic technology is not up to such production standards.
Kt board length is generally 2400mm is also based on the advertising industry a rule to determine the common size, relative to the length of kt board as long as convenient transportation long can be produced;
Kt board thickness range is 1.8mm-10mm, this is also based on ps sheet foam specifications of the decision, said thickness will be involved in the kt board hardness, hardness and kt board thickness is not too big relationship, is foaming sheet is ps material relative weight, is the density of the board. There’s a limit, too. Kt plates don’t weigh more than 450 grams.
Export kt board general size: 912x2440x5mm, 1220x2440x5mm, A4, A3, A2, A1, 20″ x 30″, 30″ x 40″; Thickness range of 3mm-10mm, relative to the export level kt board is a higher weight paper kt board, plus the variety of specifications, so the manufacturers generally have the minimum order quantity limit, calculated according to the container.
Kt board production size standard: width is less than or equal to 1220mm, wide length range, thick bottom 1.8-10mm, kt board density range between 140g-450.

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